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Type Approval

Achieving ABS Type Approval for a product grants immediate benefits to a manufacturer, including reduced administration and a greater potential for market penetration. Once type approved, the product can be selected by ship designers, builders and owners to be placed aboard an ABS-classed vessel.

ABS Type Approval is available for a wide range of products for marine and offshore applications, industrial plant and processes, and the information technology sector. There are many benefits for producers and users, and the Type Approval process is practical, client-oriented and flexible.

An ABS Product Design Assessment (PDA) is the assessment of a product for use on a variety of ABS-classed ships following a technical evaluation. The PDA reduces the turnaround time for approval on a specific ship. When a specific ship is chosen, ABS technical staff verifies that the product is suitable for use after a review of the PDA.

If the manufacturer wants a product to be labeled Type Approved, inspection of the product during manufacture and an assessment of the manufacturing system and manufacturing process used by the plant must be satisfactorily completed. This verifies that the product can be manufactured in accordance with the PDA. 

Offshore Equipment & Systems

Advancement in the offshore oil and gas industry depends on increasingly advanced equipment. ABS works to verify rigorous safety and performance standards.

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Type Approval Database

Search for products and equipment that have been certified under the ABS Type Approval program and are eligible for use on ABS-classed vessels.

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Recognized Specialists

Access the database of external specialists recognized by ABS to conduct reviews of specified equipment and machinery.

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