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Subchapter M Bringing Bluewater Safety Management Into Brown Waters

The Subchapter M regulation coming into effect will have the same impact on smaller vessels as the International Safety Management (ISM) standard has on larger vessels. This will create a large business process and systems challenge for small boat operators. The ABS Nautical Systems Software has long supported compliance with ISM for the marine industry and understands the challenges owners and operators will face when implementing a Subchapter M compliant Safety Management System.  

The NS Subchapter M Solution enables operators to easily capture, manage and report on all the information required to demonstrate compliance.


● Everything is visible and accessible from one screen. Users can easily and efficiently complete all subchapter M activities.
● Wizards simplify critical compliance tasks and enables accurate data capture for reporting
● A Subchapter M dashboard provides push button access to all required reporting
● The solution is cloud based with subscription pricing to minimize capital expenses and alleviate the need for additional IT resources.
● A turnkey implementation improves roll-out of the software and ensures readiness from day one.


Additional Services

Through ABS and its affiliated company ABS Group, NS customers have access to a comprehensive portfolio of safety, risk and compliance services available to support Subchapter M Compliance including Business Process MappingBest Practices Consulting and Safety Management Systems Consulting.