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Vessel Performance


Maximizing savings & achieving regulatory compliance

Energy costs are rising. Environmental impact reports are receiving more scrutiny. New industry regulations are streaming down at break-neck speed. Now, more than ever, maritime operators are looking to get ahead of the regulatory curve, lower fuel consumption and improve energy operations throughout their fleets. ABS’ Asset Performance Management (APM) team is here to assist our clients address the ever growing environmental regulations and performance metric requirements of today toward optimum resource efficiency.  

Utilizing innovative tools and dynamic assessment techniques, our APM team works together with the customer to develop vessel and voyage energy strategies to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

APM Vessel Performance services include:

APM services build on the work of ABS’ Environmental Solutions Group to give clients confidence that cutting-edge technology is being harnessed toward their achievement of regulatory compliance, responsible resource stewardship and energy savings in the constantly evolving global maritime industry. 

Marine Services

With more than 200 million gross tons under ABS class, our global team of surveyors, engineers and technical specialist are prepared to help with any project, any time, any place.

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Fleet Management Software

ABS Nautical Systems offers fleet management solutions to drive performance and attain operational efficiencies.

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Energy Efficiency

By necessity, the shipping industry is adopting a more energy-efficient transportation model. ABS is providing guidance and aids ship owners and operators to make informed decisions along the way.

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