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  • As a founding member of the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, ABS and its partners are committed to creating a dynamic environment of innovation and creativity, by bringing together industry and academia for the benefit of a sustainable future.


  • With an unparalleled global network of industry professionals, the ABS sustainability team continues to work closely with customers, industry associations and industry organizations to advance key areas of research such as vessel design, future fuels, digital technologies and decarbonization pathways.


ABS is focused on industry-leading sustainability projects including:

  • Studying the viability of alternative fuels and new energy sources
  • Analyzing decarbonization pathways and the impact of seaborne trade growth and IMO targets
  • Using digital technology to simplify transactions and increase operational efficiencies
  • Comparisons of estimated survey fees across multiple ports
  • Assisting companies in their journey to ESG excellence

ABS Environmental Monitor™

ABS Environmental Monitor™ is the maritime industry’s most comprehensive digital sustainability solution to help shipowners achieve their sustainability goals by leveraging multiple data sources, including vessel routing, waste stream, operations, and emissions data, to provide transparent reporting.

ABS Guide for Sustainability Notations

The ABS Guide for Sustainability Notations was developed to assist marine and offshore operators in meeting the ESG requirements outlined in the United Nations’ SDGs. Included in the Guide are two new sustainability notations - SUSTAIN-1 and SUSTAIN-2 - to help marine and offshore operators demonstrate alignment with the SDGs and establish a pathway for sustainability certification and reporting.


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