sustainability reporting and assurance

Sustainability Reporting and Assurance 


Sustainable business practices are quickly becoming a key component of success for businesses globally. No longer are these practices considered optional, but instead necessary to remain competitive in today’s market. 

Sustainability Reporting 

What is Sustainability Reporting?

By identifying key material factors for accomplishing sustainability, policies, practices and performance requirements can be developed to drive success. Once these factors have been identified, targets can be determined, and a framework established to monitor progress. The final step in sustainability reporting is issuing a report for both internal and external stakeholders.

What are the Benefits?

Investors are increasingly incorporating material Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities into their investment decisions. Therefore, improving ESG reporting may assist a company in attracting additional investor interest.

Benefits of Sustainability reporting

Sustainability Drivers of Financial Performance and Competitive Advantage

How Can ABS Assist?

ABS offers a simple three-step process for sustainability reporting where we work with you in identifying the materials being assessed, developing the data templates and framework for tracking, all culminating in the final sustainability report. We can align your sustainability reporting with any of the globally recognized frameworks, including CDP, GRI, IIRC, SASB, TCFD, and CDSB.


Sustainability Assurance 

What is Sustainability Assurance?

An increasing number of businesses are producing information on their social, economic and environmental performance to respond to user needs and to meet regulatory requirements. Sustainability assurance involves seeking an expert to provide an independent validation of the claims made by a business.

What are the Benefits?

Organizations choose to get assurance on their sustainability information to:

  • challenge and confirm views expressed in the annual report as part of the narrative disclosure
  • complement internal processes, such as internal audit or stakeholder engagement, which are designed to improve business sustainability and enhance the trust of external stakeholders
  • enhance the credibility of information with those who use it to make economic and other decisions
  • and such assurance might be internal for management use or external, published together with management’s sustainability report, for other stakeholders 

How Can ABS Assist?

ABS sustainability assurance involves a three-step approach where together we support and guide you through each of the steps, acting as your assurance provider. We begin by meeting with you and identifying your scope of assurance and performing a risk assessment to identify potential material misstatements. We then verify the accuracy of your sustainability date and review the disclosures of your sustainability report. Lastly, we produce a report that summarizes our conclusions and recommendations, prepare a management letter, and participate in a final presentation that debriefs our key findings.