ABS Academy


Professional Training and Course Certification

Successful companies recognize that investing in training and development for their employees is a strategic priority.

ABS Academy is committed to being your training partner. This commitment means providing courses that extend beyond the traditional curriculum and present you with training solutions to address your needs.

Through dedicated learning centers around the world, ABS Academy offers a series of specialized training courses, delivered by experienced presenters who bring to the classroom an invaluable blend of theoretical knowledge and practical understanding.

ABS Academy also tailors training programs to help organizations meet their goals and objectives. For more information, send an email to absacademy@eagle.org or contact your nearest ABS Academy center.

Training Facility Certification

ABS offers certification for maritime education organizations seeking an independent third-party review of their training activities. Through the Guide for Certification of Maritime Education Facilities and Training Courses, ABS is able to provide certifications for courses and programs that meet both mandatory and voluntary training requirements for marine and offshore professionals. The goal of the certification is to verify periodically that the education or training provided:

  • Meets specified minimum criteria in terms of the development, content and delivery of the courses;
  • Is of a uniform quality when compared with accepted industry standards; and
  • Remains suitable and effective for its intended purpose with a view to continual improvement.

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