EEDI Verification

EEDI Verification


Verifying Energy Efficiency

At the initial concept design stage, we provide the following support:

  • As part of the EEDI preliminary verification, accurate estimates of EEDI can be provided accounting for the following design considerations:
    • Required value for type of ship, EEDI phase
    • Speed-power curve for specified EEDI loading condition
    • Main and auxiliary engine characteristics
    • Energy-saving equipment/devices
    • Fuel type
    • Ship’s cargo capacity (deadweight)
  • Guidance in the following:
    • Planning of towing tank (model) tests to optimize the scope required to meet EEDI preliminary and final verification requirements including the use of energy-saving devices
    • The evaluation of tank test results for correlation with measurements from full-scale trials
  • Assistance in meeting the IMO MEPC requirements for minimum propulsion power taking into consideration the constraints of the required EEDI values for the type of ship.  We provide both Level 1 and Level 2 assessments for bulk carriers and tankers

At the end of construction/sea trials and prior to delivery, we provide the following support:

  • Guidance in the planning and conduct of speed trials required for EEDI verification as well as attendance on board.
  • Independent speed trial analysis to confirm speed-power characteristics in calm water from which we derive the vessel’s EEDI reference speed.  We can also provide independent assessment of the vessel’s speed-power characteristics in specified contract conditions.
  • Verification of the attained EEDI using the final (as-built) engine, vessel and speed-power characteristics.  As recognition of meeting the IMO MEPC requirements, we issue the IEE certificate.

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