Performance Management

Performance Management

Managing Vessel Performance

Once performance monitoring tools have been implemented, ABS’ performance management tools provide shipowners a competitive advantage when compiling and refreshing Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMPs).

Performance management tools record, interpret and translate fleet data into meaningful numeric key performance indicators (KPIs). These are measured against a standard scale to determine the component’s performance efficiency and assist the vessel’s operator on determining necessary needs for improvement. ABS’ performance management tools additionally analyze and compile collected data into aggregate indexes which provide specific reports on vessels’ environmental performance and energy efficiency.

Additional performance management services include but are not limited to:

  • Revealing causes of fuel oil consumption (FOC) increases
  • Presenting practical advice for fuel savings
  • Summarizing voyage data
  • Evaluating drydocking and hull/propeller maintenance strategies
  • Generating sister vessel comparison records
  • Evaluating performance against charter party requirements

The ABS Asset Performance Management team is able to provide specialized guidance to owners and operators for to how implement best practices for measuring energy efficiency in new ships and ships already in operation within a fleet.

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