Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Vessel Optimization for Operations

Performance monitoring and performance management tools provide shipowners, operators and fleet managers the ability to make data-driven decisions to optimize operations in specific vessels and throughout entire fleets. The Asset Performance Management team at ABS is a ready resource to help implement parametric evaluations and economic modeling aiming towards achieving the full potential of either a single vessel or entire fleet.

Services offered by ABS to optimize vessel and fleet performance may cover:

  • Vessel optimization in specific operating conditions
    Voyage analysis and performance monitoring identifies the most optimal operating condition for the vessel with respect to operating speed, draught, trim and engine load.
  • Determining ideal fleet composition and utilization
    Based on performance analyses, resources can be utilized the optimal way with respect to fleet composition on various routes. KPIs like the EEOI indicate if vessels are operated most efficiently on particulars routes and the shipowner is given an overview of the utilization of the entire fleet with respect to energy efficient operations.
  • Best practices for managing vessels chartered by commercial cargo pools
    The most energy efficient vessels chartered and operated in cargo pools can easily be identified and managed to operate at their maximum operational performance.

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