Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

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Reduce your Cyber Risk

ABS Advanced Solutions works with clients to understand and control their unique operational technology (OT) cyber security risks. Since current maritime and offshore cyber security regulations and supporting standards uniformly base design and implementation of OT cyber security management systems on detailed risk management planning, it was critical for ABS to develop a method for observing and measuring cyber risk. We are leading maritime and offshore cyber security with an easily understandable scalable approach to measuring and managing cyber security risk for a single asset or an entire fleet.

Our cyber services include:

  • Cyber Security Assessment (FCI Cyber Risk™ Model)
  • Cyber Security Program Standup and Awareness Training
  • OT Cyber Security Management Office and Incident Response
  • OT System Documentation and Management of Change

Know Your Risk – The FCI Cyber Risk™ Equation

Until now, cyber risk assessment methods were qualitative, based on threats, vulnerabilities and consequences – helpful in understanding cyber risk, but not readily quantifiable. Simply put, to reduce risks, you must first define them in observable maritime and offshore constructs and measure them.

So how do you accomplish this?

Our Advanced Solutions Cyber experts have challenged the traditional view on risk and delivered an innovative approach that produces a measurable risk index – a first in the maritime and offshore industry – the FCI Cyber Risk™ equation.

Our FCI Cyber Risk method gives clients a simple and practical way to count and quantify risk based on the FCI Cyber Risk equation:

            Functions = mission critical systems such as navigation and propulsion.

            Connections = digital networks connecting Functions.

            Identities = people or digital devices that can access these connections.   

ABS cyber experts help you characterize Functions, Connections, and Identities and combine them in our Risk Index calculator to produce an actionable report that helps you recognize and resolve specific risk points on an asset. This method enables our clients to target cyber security investments and create a cost-effective cyber risk mitigation strategy across their assets.

White Paper: OT Cyber Risk in the Maritime Industry

The Advanced Solutions Cyber team is challenging the traditional method for calculating OT cyber risk in the maritime industry with our FCI Cyber Risk™ Equation.  

Now’s the time to find out what your cyber risk index score is. Download our “Measuring OT Cyber Risk in the Maritime Industry” white paper to learn more about measuring functions, connections, and identities and change the way you look at marine cyber security.  

White Paper: Cyber Security - Understanding Risk Simply

White Paper: Cyber Security - Understanding Risk Simply

Download the White Paper

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