Advanced Engineering

Comprehensive solutions to support the lifecycle of your asset

We support clients throughout the entire asset lifecycle by providing guidance on enhancing safety, efficiency and performance to organizations. 

We offer solutions for inspecting and verifying technology and equipment designs, delivering safety, risk and compliance services, optimizing asset performance, providing advanced engineering support and certifying management systems to the marine and offshore industries. 

Our suite of integrated safety, risk and integrity services are focused on: 

  • Sustain Safety: Our full range of Health, Safety, Environmental, Sustainability services can help you implement management systems that meet regulations and deliver results.
  • Manage Risk: Our comprehensive risk management solutions help identify, assess and mitigate risks to promote project and business continuity.
  • Integrity: Our independent technical advice, project quality management and reliability and inspection services improve integrity at each stage of the complete asset lifecycle.
  • Optimize Performance: From program management and planning to quality and training implementation, our solutions help you drive performance in all aspects of your operations.