Condition Manager

Ballast Water Management

Creating a Foundational Infrastructure

Visualizing overlays of critical information on a virtual asset in order to support short, medium and long-term decision making for asset management.

Beginning with an asset baseline, the ABS Condition Manager fuses survey and inspection data with the ability for the user to link engineering analyses to digitally represent the current condition of the asset. Combining this information with operational data, third party and ABS data sources provides the user with insights surrounding structural health, anomaly impacts and maintenance opportunities.

The Condition Manager lifecycle management tool features a digital dashboard that enables remote tracking and trending of your vessel’s hull integrity over time. 




Features and Benefits

  • Compartment-based visualization of asset condition via aggregation of multiple data sources
  • Comprehensive asset lifecycle management, including visibility into inspections, tracking and management of structural anomaly repairs, as well as enabling critical area monitoring
  • Store and retain vessel-specific documents and drawings
  • Enables shared understanding of an asset’s condition status 

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