Corrosion Detection™

Driving Informed and Sustainable Assets

Early stage detection of corrosion and coating failures through a machine learning image recognition tool enables efficient and effective maintenance practices for maximizing service life and reducing costs. 

The ABS Corrosion Detection™ product is a digital tool powered by machine learning for early-stage analysis of visual data like images. Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and is defined as a group of computer algorithms used to simulate intelligent behavior in accurately identifying critical risks and potential failures. By leveraging the power of machine learning’s automated pattern identification, customers can have a better knowledge of the condition of their vessel to prepare structural inspections and repair work related to defects such as coating failures and corrosion.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Early-stage identification, analysis and detection of corrosion and coating breakdowns.
  • Identifies and quantifies structural deterioration due to corrosion and coating failures
  • Compatibility with remote inspection technologies (RIT) 
  • Delivers reliable, consistent assessments using customized machine learning algorithms based on asset-specific structural data  
  • Enables shared understanding of an asset’s condition status

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