Machinery Performance Benchmark Report


Preserve availability in machinery equipment by quantifying and benchmarking the reliability risk of critical assets across your fleet over time.

The ABS Machinery Performance Benchmark Report assesses the risk of failures in your machinery systems (or fleet of such systems) to derive a picture of the overall performance profile and its growth over time. ABS uses historical maintenance data and equipment performance data to detect emergent risks requiring intervention and quantifies proactive maintenance efforts over time. The Machinery Performance Benchmark Report assists in guiding customers developing a results-driven maintenance strategy, enabling them to better leverage work management, business processes, and spares management for improved asset performance. 


Key Features and Benefits

  • Emergent risk identification for scoring major systems and sub-systems
  • Understanding of relative risk of failures between different vessels to identify the impact of operations and maintenance practices
  • Identifies key areas of loss and inefficiencies
  • Proactive approach to manage risk factors causing unplanned failures
  • Insights into your fleet performance score as defined by the percentage of efficiencies
  • View of performance and failure rate progression for components and sub-systems
  • Identify critical areas with risks to focus resources and efforts for enhanced asset management
  • Increased operational readiness and reduced maintenance costs

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