Ballast Water Management


Real-time visualization of your asset’s performance through AI-driven analysis of operational, maintenance and sensor data for predictive insights.  

The ABS Machinery Performance Monitor supports both onshore staff and onboard crew with visibility into an asset’s current condition and overall performance. Machinery sensor data along with transactional and unstructured data is analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the early discovery of machinery failures for faster, smarter predictive insights, including possible diagnostics for observed anomalies or potential failure conditions. The Machinery Performance Monitor is a valuable, digital tool that provides reliable mission readiness, reduced total cost of ownership and reduced risk of unplanned downtime.




  • Cloud-based real-time performance monitoring of an asset or fleet of assets
  • Integrated user notification and alert system for monitoring and responding to machine failure conditions
  • Safe and secure upload of an asset’s fleet management system (FMS) data, including operational, maintenance and sensor data 
  • Integrated user notification and alert system for monitoring and responding to structural and machine failure conditions or anomalies
  • Increase of asset availability and maintainability 
  • Reduced unplanned downtime and costs
  • Increased confidence toward an asset’s performance with tracking over time

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