Metocean Hindcast Data


Integrates asset position information with metocean (meteorological and oceanographic) hindcast data to support marine project design and operational planning, as well as enhanced safety and sustainability insights.

The ABS Metocean Hindcast Data application provides instant and easy access to worldwide metocean hindcast data sourced from the NOAA WAVEWATCH III model. Simply submit a vessel’s route information to access corresponding historical metocean data, delivered through API connectivity or digital download.

Additional capabilities of the ABS Metocean Hindcast Data application are available to customers who integrate an asset’s operational, maintenance and sensor data. The robust fusion of such data provides customers with added information for a better understanding of their vessel’s operational environment – supporting vessel performance and structural assessment business goals.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cloud-based client portal for data requests
  • Instant and integrated access to NOAA hindcast data for world metocean parameters
  • Customers can integrate the output of this tool with their asset maintenance, operational and sensor data to provide structural integrity and sustainability insights
  • Timely metocean hindcast data for supporting design, operational planning and marine sustainability projects

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