Structural Dashboard

Ballast Water Management


Fusing vessel position, historical metocean data, and ABS domain expertise to deliver structural condition insights.


The ABS Structural Dashboard provides a view into the operational profile of enrolled vessels. Customers receive data-driven insights regarding extreme load events, accumulated fatigue damage, as well as impact to structural critical areas. This provides the customer with unprecedented transparency into how a vessel’s operational profile is affecting its structural integrity.



  • Third-party integration with AIS vessel position data and NOAA metocean hindcast data
  • Notifications for extreme wave events highlighting potential impact to structural critical areas
  • Current and forecast cumulative fatigue damage based on operational history
  • Increased transparency into a vessel’s operational profile
  • Identify and provide notifications for possible extreme structural loading events
  • Track fatigue damage accumulation to inform fleet balancing and life extensions
  • Supports informed and targeted inspections toward hull condition, based on vessel-specific operation

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