Ship Energy Efficiency


Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMPs)

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMPs) have been mandatory for all new and existing ships since 1 January 2013 and have now been implemented in vessels worldwide. The SEEMP is vessel specific and intended to be a practical tool for the shipowner, operators and ship crews to improve the overall energy efficiency in the vessel. It is a dynamic document based on continuous updating from the performance system for the particular vessel.

SEEMP evaluation is done by establishing an onboard energy consumption baseline. From this baseline, potential future energy improvement measures can be identified as well as actions required to execute these measures.

The SEEMP is kept active by feed from the performance system and continuously updated during operation of the vessel. By keeping the SEEMP active, the parties are involved in improving the energy efficiency of the vessel. Continuous evaluation of the progress in the optimizing process creates an energy efficiency awareness among shipowners, operators and ship crews.