2019 Ballast Water Management Advisory

To be compliant with the IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention for existing vessels, shipowners need to install a BWMS at the vessel’s next renewal survey associated with the IOPP certificate (MARPOL Annex I) after 8 September 2019, essentially creating a five year window for retrofits between September 2019 and September 2024, depending on when the renewal survey is due.

The Ballast Water Management Advisory covers:

  • Latest IMO & USCG BWM regulatory updates
  • Updates on ballast water treatment technologies, practical considerations and system limitations for each
  • Practical advice to help owners identify the “most suitable” BWMS for each of their vessels
  • A detailed discussion of the challenges for conducting BWM system retrofits


Through a recent comprehensive global questionnaire of owners and operators, ABS found that 65% of BWM systems were reported as inoperable or problematic. The Advisory provides a practical and phased approach to guide owners and operators with retrofitting and operating BWM systems, helping avoid costly mistakes and operational disruptions..

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