Ship Recycling and IHM

Ship Recycling

Support in Developing an IHM

Improper handling of hazardous materials can impact crew safety and if not recorded properly can expose an owner to risk and liability.

Owners are faced with complying with EU Ship Recycling regulations and preparing for future IMO requirements.

To meet regulatory requirements, owners need to identify areas, types and quantities of hazardous materials onboard each vessel.

Owners need a simple, yet effective, way to gain and maintain compliance with the Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) requirements.

Through its user-friendly web-based IHM application, ABS provides a simple platform that guides owners in developing an accurate and thorough IHM.

The ABS web-based IHM application consists of:

  • The IHM Data Capture Form- an editable PDF that helps guide the data capture to form the basis of the IHM
  • The IHM Web Portal- Allows the user to easily generate the Visual and Sampling Check Plan and Part I of IHM

Once an IHM is complete, ABS can provide an engineering review and verify the location of hazardous material on board that are listed in the IHM and deliver a Statement of Compliance.

ABS can help you with any step of the IHM compliance process and has teams in place across the globe to help make compliance simpler.

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