Gas as Fuel


ABS, GasLog Study Advances New Method to Predict LNG Boil-off Rate

Joint development project demonstrates the effectiveness of applying CFD analysis to simulate LNG boil-off

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Pioneering the Future of LNG Fuel

ABS is guiding the integration of liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel concepts into vessels throughout the shipping industry. With experience in all phases of gas-fueled maritime projects – from the ground floor of the design process to the construction, classification and modification of gas-powered ships – ABS sets the standard for the world’s largest, most advanced LNG-powered ships.

As more and more shipowners and manufacturers consider LNG for its environmental and financial advantages, ABS’ experience and research are in demand. As an innovating class society, our Rules evolve with new technology and ABS is always ready to consider alternatives equivalent to traditional technologies. Together, ABS and shipowners can continue to challenge and improve traditional concepts for the containment, transfer, storage and transport of liquid and other natural gases.

Whether it’s by contributing ideas to strengthen an advanced dual fuel concept or classing your next LNG-ready design, ABS and our team of engineers are here to champion your next LNG project. 

I'm interested in using low flash-point fuel for my vessel.

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