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ABS Approves GMS Self-Elevating Drilling Unit Design

ABS, the leading provider of classification and technical services to the offshore industry, approved the design and certified the GMS cantilever system for its self-elevating support vessel (SESV) GMS Evolution delivered in May 2017.

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ABS classed the first workboats to venture into the Gulf of Mexico in the early days of offshore exploration in the US. Today, ABS classes roughly one-third of all offshore support vessels (OSVs) worldwide, including the world’s largest pipelaying vessel, one of the world’s largest offshore construction vessels and North America’s first LNG-fueled OSV fleet.

The broad scope of offshore support operations has led to more specialized services that are changing the roles and capabilities of this critical fleet, which is carrying out operations associated with construction, emergency response, well services and subsea support, and alternative energy in addition to the traditional support roles.

Anticipating developments in offshore vessel design, equipment and systems, we are investing in updating and expanding our Rules and services to address the offshore oil and gas industry’s evolving needs.

ABS has moved with the offshore industry from classing basic workboats to classing the OSVs that will take on tomorrow’s challenges. Our dedicated OSV Market Sector Group monitors global fleet activity and works in advance of industry to anticipate changing needs. As the leading provider of classification services to the global offshore industry, we are in a unique position to support the expanding OSV market sector.

Experienced ABS professionals can guide OSV projects during the initial design concept, through the plan approval process, during construction and throughout the entire service life of the asset.