NS Mobile

NS Mobile

Mobile Solutions

Nautical Systems (NS) mobile applications revolutionize onboard vessel management by giving crew and staff a simple and familiar interface that is responsive to their needs and works on any device, so ship and shore collaboration is driven by quality data. 

NS Superintendent Key Features 

Nautical Systems mobile applications enable efficient work flow by giving the Superintendent and managers control over work and approvals on their mobile device so critical work doesn’t wait for anyone to return to the office.

  • Quickly approve purchase orders, request for quotes, work order deferrals, and job safety (risk) analysis
  • Conduct checklist based inspections
  • Search and update inventory with bar coding
  • Easily locate vessels with built in locator
  • NS messaging included
  • Built to work in familiar style of smart phone apps reducing training needs
  • Minimal upfront investment required, turn-key implementation available

NS Workboat Key Features

The Nautical Systems Workboat mobile application is a first-of-its-kind mobile solution designed specifically for the workboat sector to support day-to-day operations onboard and decision making onshore in a turn-key package.

  • Enables USCG Subchapter M compliance from day one
  • Completely mobile app with no installed software onboard, optimized for tablet, also available on your smart phone
  • Unified task list directs crew activity based on office requirements
  •  Supports work order completions, checklist based inspections, on-board meetings and drills, audits, and sign-on and sign-off crew, and document delivery
  • Update key operational information such as equipment running hours and spares inventory
  • Identify critical equipment history for inspections and audits
  • Reporting on hazardous conditions, equipment failures, and audit and inspection deficiencies.
  • Minimal upfront investment required, turn-key implementation available
  • Built to work in familiar style of smart phone apps reducing training needs

NS Vessel Features

The ABS Nautical Systems Vessel app allows for crew mobility on board blue-water vessels, allowing efficiency while performing daily tasks, inspections and checklists.

  • Works in offline mode; syncs to onboard server
  • Maintenance and Compliance tasks shown in an easy view (Planned and Unplanned Work Orders, Audits, Inspections,  Meetings, Drills, Running Hours Entry task, and Inventory Count task)
  • Ability to create new Work Orders, Inspections, Meetings, Drills, and Safety Observations
  • Crew Sign-On and Sign-Off and easy view of crew qualifications
  • Questionnaire and checklist capability 
  • Capture Visitor Log information