Nautical Systems Mobile Applications

Nautical Systems Mobile Applications

The Nautical Systems (NS) mobile applications revolutionize onboard vessel management by giving crew and staff a simple interface that is responsive to their needs. The NS mobile apps work on any device, which means ship and shore collaboration is driven by quality data.

As the shipping industry faces pressure to operate more efficiently and profitably, digital solutions are replacing the traditional methods of maritime transport. Integrated digital platforms such as ABS Nautical Systems allow vessel owners and operators to find new ways to increase the productivity of their operations, optimize their assets’ performance, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ship operators and crews need access to quality data for efficient operations. Without a secure digital platform, vessel operators and their crews cannot successfully utilize digital solutions.

Mobile Solutions for the maritime industry

ABS Nautical Systems has the most mobile-enabled applications on the market for the marine industry. The easy-to-use Nautical Systems Mobile apps combine ABS’ advanced technical solutions with the convenience and ease of a mobile application. 

ABS is the leading classification society in the marine and offshore industries. Our technical expertise and innovative digital platforms have helped thousands of ship owners and operators improve operational efficiency, personnel safety, asset lifecycle management, vessel maintenance, compliance solutions and more. 

The ABS Nautical Systems team designed its mobile applications to provide complete digital solutions. By using integrated mobile applications for vessel management, stakeholders can have secure access to data at every point in operations both onshore and at sea. From compliance and data reporting to fleet optimization and maintenance management, the NS suite of mobile applications offer powerful solutions for vessel operations. 

While many marine software solutions can be expensive, require extensive training or be difficult to implement, the Nautical System mobile apps are easy-to-use and implement onboard. With minimal training required and an intuitive user interface, the Nautical Systems platform was built to optimize the user experience. 

Better yet—the Nautical Systems mobile applications and modules have an easy set-up. These powerful digital solutions provide vessel owners and operators with convenience, reliability and a unified mobile platform. They do not require expensive software or hardware. They do require the purchase of additional hardware. All operators need to install the NS mobile apps is a mobile device compatible with iOS or Android.

Vessel Management Mobile Integration

The Nautical Systems mobile applications are turn-key, complete digital solutions. By focusing on the mobile platform compatibility, Nautical Systems acknowledges the future is digital.

These mobile applications are integrated to provide a seamless workflow collaboration for all users. This seamless integration is true for all user types (superintendent, officers, engineers and other crew members) and improves the operational efficiency of the fleet and crew productivity.

Each of these mobile applications was designed to integrate with each other and make data available in real-time for the necessary users. With the NS mobile apps, you can manage, report, export and analyze your vessel data within one system. The offline capability allows work to be done on or offline, with the system automatically syncing when connectivity is available.

Additionally, onboard users can share relevant data with shoreside users. Data sharing and management is facilitated by the mobile apps connecting vessels at sea to onshore operations. The workflow automation capability increases the productivity of the entire crew. The automation capabilities also make it easier to manage stock and other assets onboard.

NS Mobile Applications

The Nautical Systems Workboat mobile application is a first-of-its-kind mobile solution designed specifically for the workboat sector to support day-to-day operations onboard and decision making onshore in a turn-key package.

The Workboat app provides a turn-key solution to Subchapter M compliance as well.

NS Workboat Key Features 

  • Enables USCG Subchapter M compliance from day one
  • Completely mobile app with no installed software onboard, optimized for tablet, also available on your smart phone
  • Unified task list directs crew activity based on office requirements
  • Supports work order completions, checklist based inspections, on-board meetings and drills, audits, and sign-on and sign-off crew, and document delivery
  • Update key operational information such as equipment running hours and spares inventory
  • Identify critical equipment history for inspections and audits
  • Reporting on hazardous conditions, equipment failures, and audit and inspection deficiencies
  • Minimal upfront investment required, turn-key implementation available
  • Built to work in familiar style of smart phone apps reducing training needs

For more information on the NS Mobile Workboat App, visit here.

The Nautical Systems Superintendent app gives the superintendent and managers control over work and approvals on their mobile devices so critical work can move forward—without waiting for anyone to return to the office.

NS Superintendent facilitates an efficient work flow.

NS Superintendent Key Features 

  • Quickly approve purchase orders, request for quotes, work order deferrals, and job safety (risk) analysis
  • Conduct checklist based inspections
  • Search and update inventory with bar coding
  • Easily locate vessels with built in locator
  • NS messaging included
  • Built to work in familiar style of smart phone apps reducing training needs
  • Minimal upfront investment required, turn-key implementation available

The ABS Nautical Systems Vessel app allows for crew mobility on board blue-water vessels, allowing efficiency while performing daily tasks, inspections and checklists.

NS Vessel Key Features 

  • Works in offline mode; syncs to onboard server
  • Easy-to-view maintenance and compliance tasks shown in an easy view (planned and unplanned work orders, audits, inspections, meetings, drills, running hours entry task, and inventory count task)
  • Ability to create new work orders, inspections, meetings, drills, and safety observations
  • Crew sign-on and sign-off, and easy view of crew qualifications
  • Questionnaire and checklist capability
  • Capture visitor log information
  • Update key operational information such as equipment running hours and spares inventory
  • Incident reporting
  • Machinery failure reporting

The ABS Nautical Systems Inspection app prepares to manage your audits with confidence. The app enables customizable inspection checklists to support audit preparation while performing walk around tasks.

NS Inspection Key Features 

  • Works in offline mode; syncs to onboard server
  • Supports audit inspections, checklist-based inspections, onboard meetings and drills, and audits
  • Prepared with document delivery
  • Identify critical equipment history for inspections and audits
  • Reporting of findings
  • Manage vessel visitors
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