Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Meeting the Challenge of Compliance 

Ship owners face potentially unlimited liability for environmental incidents.  The Nautical Systems (NS) Compliance Management Solution leverages NS software to facilitate and enforce processes to mitigate this risk and enable owners and operators to consistently demonstrate compliance.  

NS Compliance Management is optimized to meet the compliance challenges of the maritime industry with tools to facilitate planning, execution and documentation of all compliance activities.


NS Takes a Unified Approach to Planning


Maintenance Time Plan

Coordinates and schedules all activities for structural and machinery maintenance.

Compliance Plan

Coordinates and schedules all activities for vettings, inspections, drills and audits.

Crew Planner

Assures qualified personnel are assigned to activities onboard and onshore.

Voyage Planner

Coordinates and schedules all voyage, environmental and operational events.

Planning for Success

  • Recording data is seamlessly integrated into daily onboard activities. Shared data simplifies complex compliance reporting.
  • Analysis tools facilitate trending and continuous improvement.
  • Ns reinforces a safety culture with tools that mitigate risk to people and the environment including job safety analysis and behavioral based safety.
  • A document management system ensures that required documentation is easily available and shared appropriately.
  • Supports all reporting required to demonstrate compliance.
  • Management systems review is supported through a combination of statistical and graphical reports covering incidents, cars, inspections, meetings, drills, audits and vettings.