Crew & Payroll Manager

Crew and Payroll Manager

Comprehensive Workforce Management

The Nautical Systems (NS) Crew and Payroll Manager supports a comprehensive workforce management process for scheduling and compensation of crew, and tracking of training and qualifications. Onboard, sign-on and sign-off and integration with HSQE Manager enables tracking of inspection, meeting and drill participation. NS Crew and Payroll Manager makes it easy for owners and operators to schedule qualified crew at the right time to reduce cost and drive compliance.

Crew & Payroll Graphic

Key Features

  • NS Crew Manager supports management and tracking of Licenses, Endorsements, Visas, Certifications and Training
  • An interactive, drag and drop visual crew scheduler allows easy assignment of qualified crew with a single click, including automated validation of crew qualifications
  • NS Payroll Manager offers a fully compliant global gross-to-net payroll system developed specifically for the challenges of maritime industry pay.  Easily adapts to international payroll requirements, such as earnings and deductions, union contributions, tax deductions, provident fund contributions, and slops/bonded stores
  • Intuitive dashboards provide simple and efficient access to all the information needed to manage a safe and qualified crew
  • A complete employment history with performance review capabilities fosters successful and productive career management practices to increase retention
  • Master’s General Account transaction management and reconciliation
Integration Compliance

Integrates with financial and accounting systems, Enterprise HR and ERP systems, Payroll tax payments and reporting and Union Contributions.

Integration with NS HSQE Manager merges crew and safety management into a seamless process to that leads to a reduction in lost time injuries.

Supports compliance with ISM, STCW, ILO/MLC 2006, TMSA, SubM, TSMS, RCP and Port and Flag State regulations.

Supports ILO-MLC and union contract payment and reporting requirements, as well ILO-MLC crew rest/work hours tracking and reporting.