Drydock Manager

Drydock Manager

Lifecycle Drydock Management

The Nautical Systems (NS) Drydock manager consolidates the planning, bidding and execution processes to deliver a well-planned drydocking for on-time and on-budget delivery. Leveraging existing equipment information, hull condition and maintenance history, NS Drydock Manager prepares the drydock specification, facilitates competitive bidding, monitors execution in the yard and supports negotiation of the final drydock invoice. Completion of drydock automatically updates the maintenance plan. 

Drydock Manager Graphic

Key Features

  • The Drydock specification is generated for each shipyard and users can easily send competitive bids to multiple yards
  • The job tab provides unified access and visibility to all information required to manage Drydock execution and budget
  • Users have easy access to all of the drydockings for an entire fleet, both current and historical, with all corresponding documents  
  • Consolidated and detailed bid and drydock history strengthens negotiating position during final drydock cost validation and settlement
  • Using data in NS Maintenance, Purchasing and Hull Managers, NS Drydock Manager delivers a complete structural and machinery specification to reduce preparation time, ease bid preparation and comparison, and unify financial reporting to accelerate return to service
Integration Compliance

NS Mobile allows easy job tracking, completion reporting and overall drydock status. 

NS Drydock Manager seamlessly integrates with NS Maintenance, Purchasing, Hull Manger and HSQE, DMS for comprehensive asset management with M&P, HM, HSQE, DMS.

Supports compliance with class surveys, ISM, TMSA SubM, TSMS and RCP.