Hull Manager

Hull Manager

Enabling Comprehensive Asset Management

The Nautical Systems (NS) Hull Manager delivers the industry’s most comprehensive predictive and preventive structural lifecycle tool for inspection management, anomaly and gauging tracking, and structural condition trending. One-click to access to structural health reveals inspection plans and history, current condition, and anomalies and gaugings to support a structural maintenance regime. 


Hull Manager Graphic

Key Features

  • The inspection scheduler gives both office and crew full visibility of all hull inspections, with full history of anomalies and observations available
  • Supports Risk Based Inspection
  • Intuitive dashboards provide simple and efficient access to the structural condition of each compartment on the vessel through easy to understand graphical representations
  • Leveraging a ship-specific model, NS Hull Manager supports a more efficient and accurate process to manage repair of structural anomalies, and monitoring of critical areas
  • Hull Manager stores and retains critical vessel-specific documents and drawings

Smarter Survey Planning 

The ABS Nautical Systems (NS) Electronic Survey Planning Document (eSPD) facilitates smarter survey planning through better information sharing in MODU survey execution to minimize nonproductive time. Integrated within the NS Hull Manager, an eSPD provides aggregated survey data in compliance with the Hull Inspection and Maintenance Program (HIMP) affording opportunities for less intrusive surveys and risk-based inspections. 

3D Visualization

The powerful addition of NS Hull Manager 3D capability enables users to map thickness measurements and anomalous conditions in a 3D virtual environment.

  • Visualization of substantially corroded areas with gauging data simplifies the assessment process and assists with a more automated creation of repair plans
  • The 3D module allows operators to quickly visualize the current condition and predict condition at any future time for development of optimal repair strategies
  • NS Hull Manager supports critical strategic decisions regarding asset life extension, sell or scrap strategies              
  • Repair options can be assessed and optimized vs. Class rule criteria via the HM3D linkage to the Altair Hyperworks™ Finite Element Analysis suite
  • Cost estimation supported with steel renewal weight calculations based on actual structural detail
Integration Compliance

NS Hull Manager integrates with NS Maintenance Manager, and NS Drydock Manager to incorporate anomalies directly to maintenance and drydock planning.


Supports for compliance with class surveys, TMSA and ISM.