Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager

Reliability Focused Lifecycle Maintenance

The Nautical Systems (NS) Maintenance Manager is a sophisticated and intuitive software platform that facilitates lifecycle maintenance and survey planning for improved cost control, resource management and equipment reliability.

Maintenance Manager Graphic

Key Features

  • Maintenance scheduling, tracking, forecasting and execution come together in a single screen to enable users at any level to manage past, current and upcoming maintenance tasks in support of predictive or corrective maintenance
  • The NS Equipment Explorer contains all of the information related to equipment and maintenance on each vessel in a central repository
  • Mechanical systems are listed based on the unique standards and terminology of the vessel, with critical items identified
  • The equipment hierarchy adapts to business growth and operational change (flexible/self service)
  • Serialized Items enable tracking of routable parts with maintenance history


Integration Compliance

Integration with NS Purchasing, HSQE and Hull Managers facilitates global purchasing efficiency

Integration to NS Drydock enables rapid creation and deployment of Drydock specifications and facilitates competitive bidding analysis

NS Maintenance Manager integrates with Financial and Accounting systems, Enterprise ERP systems, Condition Monitoring vendors and eCommerce providers

NS Mobile allows supervisors to manage plans and assign clearly understood maintenance tasks, with results captured at the point of work in an easy-to-use smartphone or tablet app

Supports compliance with a broad range of requirements including class surveys, manufacturers, TMSA, ISM, SubM, TSMS and RCP