Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager

Efficient Purchasing Lifecycle Management

The Nautical Systems (NS) Purchasing Manager provides unified management of procurement and inventory control activities to deliver an efficient, cost effective and compliant procurement process. Procurement plays a strategic role in driving operational efficiency and cost savings in the organization.

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Key Features

  • NS is the hub of comprehensive supply chain management, supporting budget control, vendor contract management, electronic bidding and order placement, logistics tracking, electronic invoicing and catalog management.
  • Fully traceable purchasing process includes enforcement of company-specific approval controls.
  • Inventory management tracks critical parts and min/max levels for spares and consumables by vessel and warehouse.
  • Inventory replenishment is automated via client policy levels. Requisitions needed to bring spare parts inventory to minimum requirements can be generated with one click.
  • Intuitive dashboards provide simple and efficient access to all the information needed to manage the entire purchasing process.
  • Robust quotation process: multiple vendors from multiple regions are included in the same RFQ, and currencies will be automatically converted for comparison.
Integration Compliance

NS Purchasing Manager is integrated with NS Maintenance, Inventory, Drydock and HSQE Managers to facilitate global purchasing efficiency.

The Integration Manager enables data exchange to a wide variety of third-party applications such as Financial and Accounting systems, Enterprise ERP systems, Condition Monitoring vendors and eCommerce providers.

NS Mobile enables the core purchasing approvals and work flow required of a superintendent to be done on-the-go, and facilitates convenient parts inventory on the vessel.

Supports compliance with company financial controls, financial regulations (SOX and EU), SEPA and tax reporting