Vessel Performance Manager

Vessel Performance

The Next Generation of Vessel Performance

Nautical Systems (NS) Vessel Performance is an innovative and comprehensive solution for vessel and environmental performance that unlocks the full value of all available technical information. Moving beyond simple trending, NS Vessel Performance leverages a ship specific propulsion model that serves as a baseline for impactful performance analysis, enabling smarter technical and commercial decisions, and supporting compliance with charter party requirements.

Automated data collection with NS AutoLogger goes beyond noon reporting to deliver real-time performance insights. 


Key Features

Leveraging comprehensive voyage data from the NS Voyage Manager and NS Autologger, NS Vessel Performance delivers a KPI driven decision support module covering hull and propeller performance, main engine condition, auxiliary engine/systems performance, vessel and fleet benchmarking, and planning and prediction of fuel efficiency improvement measures

Intuitive dashboards designed for technical and operational managers offer real time visibility and control to proactively address maintenance and performance challenges

The NS Vessel Performance web interface provides easy access to data for custom reporting and analysis on specific performance issues or for fleet wide benchmarking and comparison

A ship-specific propulsion model based on vessel design characteristics powers performance analytics, using sea trial and design data to establish performance baselines, and improving decisions by more accurately reflecting actual vessel operations

A comprehensive approach to vessel performance can reduce fuel oil consumption by up to 10%.

Integration Compliance

NS Vessel Performance seamlessly integrates with NS Voyage Manager to leverage operational data for valuable business insight.


Fuel consumption measurements and air emissions calculations are used to verify compliance with environmental regulations, facilitate reporting, and contribute to an active SEEMP.

Demonstrate charter party performance and compliance to gain a competitive advantage.

Supports compliance with  SEEMP, EEDI, EEOI, EU MRV and  IMO DCS.