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Nautical Systems® (NS) Voyage Manager supports voyage planning.

With an easy to use web interface, crew and onshore operations personnel can plan, monitor and complete voyage events. NS Voyage Manager was designed to streamline operations aboard the ship for voyage reporting, environmental compliance reporting, charter party compliance, and vessel performance analysis. Automated data capture reduces the crew workload and improves operational efficiency overall.

With Voyage Manager important data is methodically collected and checked for accuracy while vessel owners and operators can thoroughly track their fleet’s performance, fuel consumption and positions. By monitoring vessel performance this closely, shipowners can better optimize their fleets and lower operational costs.

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Compliance With Voyage Manager

The Voyage Manager module provides effective compliance solutions for a variety of regulatory and environmental regulations through easy noon reports and event data capture. Usage during day-to-day operations allows fast and easy regulatory reporting and KPI tracking such as total emissions and discharge.


With EU MRV already in effect and IMO DCS on the horizon, owners and operators need easy and efficient solutions to manage increasing data and compliance reporting requirements. ABS is an accredited third-party verifier for EU MRV. While ABS can help operators verify any type of EU MRV plan, the Voyage Manage software module offers a powerful compliance solution.

NS Voyage Manager captures and manages CO2 emissions data and all other environmental reporting requirements through a web-based application, which provides flexibility and automation onboard with data reporting. The close-based software module stores the necessary data in a safe and secure manner.

Vessel owners and operators can rest assured that their data for EU MRV is accurately captured, managed and reported. When Voyage Manager tracks standard voyage activities that are recorded in the Noon reports, this data is also used for the annual EU MRV report.

All the supporting EU MRV plan data is stored within the Nautical Systems database. This includes the monitoring plan data (plan ID, version, approval date, monitoring method, etc.) in addition to the MRV Verifier Company information and the vessel operator contact information.

Nautical Systems supports all combination of EU MRV monitoring plans including a single plan for the entire organization; multi-ship plans by fleet; individual plans per vessel; and a combination of individual and multi-ship plans.

For more information on ABS services for EU MRV compliance, visit here.

In addition to the EU MRV monitoring plan, vessel owners and operators have other regulations to keep in mind as well. Voyage Manager provides one solution to manage all a vessel’s compliance. Fleet owners and operators can manage all their reports using one web application.

Voyage Manager offers a complete compliance solution for IMO Data Collection System (DCS) reporting, which will go into effect on January 1, 2019. The app also can capture necessary reporting data for the U.S. EPA, MARPOL V and local Port States requirements.

Compliance Options

Emissions Data Capture (SOx NOx CO2 CH4) – Supports EU MRV and IMO DCS reporting.

Ballast Water Exchange - Captures ballast water exchange data with US EPA and generic Port State approved formats for reporting.

Fuel Switching – for ECA Compliance.

Garbage Record Book - to support MARPOL V reporting.

Oil Record Book - to support MARPOL reporting.

Vessel General Permit (VGP) - Capture environmental activities with US EPA electronic report submission.

Bunker Delivery Notes - to support MRV reporting.

Easy Data Capture and Reporting with Voyage Manager

With an easy-to-use web interface, crew and onshore operations personnel can plan, monitor and complete voyage events. The voyage event entry wizard can easily capture any voyage event data. To improve accuracy, this entry wizard also includes built-in ship-specific data validations to filter out data unrelated to the vessel’s voyage events.

In the course of a voyage there are standard voyage events that influence fuel consumption requiring documentation for standard voyage reporting. These events include: departure from dock, shifting to full speed, reaching sea passage and maneuvering to port, port arrival and port station for cargo activities.

Voyage Manager is delivered with unique templates designed to precisely capture key data for each event and their noon reports. Each of the templates can be configured to align with the way crew will use software, including minimum amount of information on fuel consumption required for EU MRV and IMO DCS declarations.

The comprehensive Noon Report captures all aspects of the voyage planning from engine and propeller performance to navigation. Because Voyage Manager also serves as a compliance solution, relevant reporting (i.e. emissions data) is available in approved regulatory formats.

Voyage Manager also can be customized to fit a specific user’s needs. With the Nautical Systems technical team, users can add custom fields to support their specific data requirements.

The Nautical Systems Autologger also improves the collection of required data aboard the ship. NS Autologger automatically captures operational data from ship automation systems. This automated reporting improves the accuracy of data, eases reporting, enables analysis and reduces the crew workload.

Software Integration with Nautical Systems

Taken as a whole, the NS software enables vessel owners and operators to effectively comply with regulations while better managing the vessel performance and operational costs of their fleets.

The entire Nautical Systems suite was designed to work in tandem. The other Nautical Systems software modules and mobile applications seamlessly integrate with NS Voyage Manager.

This seamless integration has provided savings on operational costs for clients' entire fleets. NS Voyage Manager integrates with NS Maintenance Manager for equipment and maintenance plans; NS Hull Manager for structural conditions; NS Crew Manager for voyage history and vessel status; and NS Vessel Performance for benchmarking and analysis of vessel performance data.

The NS Autologger is an optional add-on to Voyage Manager that provides automation for data capture. This data is then automatically imported to NS software using a secure marine-grade appliance.

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