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Today, vessel owners and operators in the marine industry face more challenges. The number of regulations continues to increase making the regulatory environment more complex than ever before. While the recent market downturn forces operators to drive down production costs and operational losses, achieving operational efficiency while maintaining compliance is critical to success.

At ABS Nautical Systems, maritime and offshore are our focus. The entire Nautical Systems software fleet was designed to offer powerful solutions for asset management, workforce management and compliance management in the maritime sector. 

The Nautical Systems Workboat mobile application is a first-of-its-kind mobile solution designed specifically for the workboat sector to support day-to-day operations onboard and decision making onshore in a turnkey package. 

Effective crew management is vital for an efficient operation onboard. The Workboat app assists crews with their daily standard tasks while capturing data necessary for Subchapter M compliance. This solution minimizes the amount of time spent on administrative work. Oftentimes, these time-intensive “bookkeeping” tasks contribute to operational inefficiency and a higher overhead cost.

Many Regulations, One Mobile Compliance Solution

The Nautical Systems Workboat mobile app does not require any software to be installed onboard. The easy-to-use application comes pre-configured on a tablet and requires minimal training and upfront investment. Because of this simple, turnkey implementation, users can start using the app almost immediately. 

NS Workboat is optimized for tablets, smartphones and any other mobile device. The interface has a similar design to other smartphone apps, so a typical user can intuitively use the app without extensive training. 

Additionally, the straightforward interface makes data entry onboard an easy process. Crew members can handle work order completions, checklist-based inspections, on-board meetings, drills, audits, time tracking and document delivery through the Workboat app. The app allows crew members to see the history of inspections, audits and critical equipment to determine need for future work.

NS Workboat for Subchapter M Compliance

The NS Workboat mobile application enables USCG Subchapter M compliance from day one with all compliance path options: USCG, TSMS, RCP and ISM.

The USCG’s Subchapter M regulations widely affect towing vessels. The comprehensive requirements require an annual Coast Guard inspection or a Towing Safety Management System. Vessel owners and operators will need to easily access to their safety and compliance data as well as past audits. This information will be used for future audits and to monitor progress.

NS Workboat is cloud-based and built to work for towing vessels in the workboat sector. Oftentimes, these vessels have limited to no IT support on a daily basis onboard. A mobile application such as Workboat provides the optimal compliance solution because vessel owners are not required to install additional software or have onboard data storage.

NS Workboat for Other Compliance Requirements

NS Workboat also can be used for offshore support vessels (OSVs) and to support the workboat sector.

For the offshore sector, Workboat is compliant with Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID), Offshore Inspection Questionnaire (OVIQ), International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), Diving Support Vessels requirements (DSV), DIVING, DP vessels, Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW), OSCIMF Sire, and BIQ.

The application also supports compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW), Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TSMS), Towing Safety Management System (TSMS), the Responsible Carrier Program (RCP), and quality systems (ISO 9001, 14000, etc.)

Easy Data Capture and Reporting with NS Workboat

NS Workboat allows users to turn operational data into management information. While traditional reporting methods may include scattered information on paper, Microsoft Excel or email, with NS Workboat, all information is sent to one unified location.

This systematic data collection and reporting benefits each person (e.g. VP General Manager, Safety Manager, Port Engineer, Port Captain, etc.) within the organization.

The NS Autologger is an optional add-on for the Workboat app that provides automation for data capture. This data is then automatically imported to NS software using a secure marine-grade appliance.

Software Integration with Nautical Systems

Taken as a whole, the NS software enables vessel owners and operators to effectively comply with regulations while better managing the vessel performance and operational costs of their fleets.

The entire Nautical Systems suite was designed to work in tandem. The other Nautical Systems software modules and mobile applications seamlessly integrate with NS Workboat. This seamless integration saves on the operational costs of the entire fleet.

The NS Workboat mobile application integrates with NS Maintenance Manager; NS Purchasing Manager; NS HSQE and Vetting Manager; and NS Crew and Payroll Manager. Additionally, NS Document Manager, NS On-Demand Reporting and other custom forms can be pre-configured on the Workboat tablet to provide one-stop audit support.

Other Key Features of NS Workboat

  • Enables USCG Subchapter M compliance from day one
  • Completely mobile app with no installed software onboard, optimized for tablet, also available on your smart phone.
  • Unified task list directs crew activity based on office requirements
  • Supports work order completions, checklist based inspections, on-board meetings and drills, audits, and sign-on and sign-off crew, and document delivery
  • Update key operational information such as equipment running hours and spares inventory
  • Identify critical equipment history for inspections and audits
  • Reporting on hazardous conditions, equipment failures, and audit and inspection deficiencies.
  • Minimal upfront investment required, turn-key implementation available
  • Built to work in familiar style of smart phone apps reducing training needs

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