Managed Services

Easy and Cost Effective Deployment with NS Cloud

The power of NS can now be harnessed in a cloud environment, making is easier and more cost effective for our customers to implement, deploy and manage the Nautical Systems Fleet Management Software.  

Managed Services

NS lessens the load on internal technical resources through customized offerings ranging from extended support to application hosting.

  • Leverage NS technical professionals to help you manage your NS application tasks
  • Options include:
    • Daily system administration support
    • Replication monitoring, issue management and resolution
    • Interface monitoring, issues management and resolution
    • Database management

NS Cloud

Easy and cost-effective deployment for implementation, deployment and management of NS delivered through the Microsoft Azure Platform:

  • Security and privacy are at the heart of Azure and backed by the global resources of Microsoft®
  • EU, US and other regional compliance standards built-in
  • Global network of Microsoft data centers delivers high-performance solutions and deployment options
  • Disaster recovery embedded
  • Bundled NS services deliver a full-service software experience

Three available service tiers:

Silver Gold Platinum


Disaster Recovery

Initial Deployment

One Patch Upgrade Annually

Microsoft Data Security

EU Data Privacy Compliance

Replication monitoring

Database monitoring

Interface monitoring

Customized application services