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Research in Brazil Evaluates FPSO Life Extension

A new way of looking at FPSOs could allow some units to work safely beyond their design life.

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Mitigating Risk for Continued Service of Floating Production Units

Floating production units (FPU) are site-specific units and when intended to continue operating beyond its design life, asset owners must determine if it is possible to keep the unit in operation. An effective life extension process allows the continued services of a unit in a way that mitigates risks and minimizes productivity loss.

Many factors can influence the decision to extend life for continued services of an FPU. In some cases, aging units are still economically producing, either due to the re-evaluated life expectancy of the reservoirs or higher recovery rates enabled by new technologies. Another common scenario is the discovery of new fields in the vicinity of an existing facility, opening tie-back opportunities, but the unit must be verified to operate in conformance with existing safety standards beyond its design life

Comprehensive and Flexible Solution for Life Extension

ABS has extensive experience, knowledge and a record of innovation with FPSOs. We are pioneers on life extension processes for FPSOs, TLPs and spars,  and issued the first guidance notes in the industry dealing with life extension, ABS Guidance Notes on Life Extension Methodology for Floating Production Installations. It presents detailed recommendations supported by a flexible process to help owners and operators mitigate risks in the operability of their assets.

The ABS Life Extension process is a staged approach to evaluate if a floating production installation is suited for continuing service while facilitating regulatory and statutory acceptance. These activities can be executed at a pace that suits the client’s needs.




Fatigue Monitoring of Floating Production Installations

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