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Life Extension of Floating Production Units

Driving Safety. Reducing Risk.

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Enabling Safer, Continued Service

ABS provides leading guidance, services, and regulatory support for life extension of floating production units to help maintain safe operations while reducing risks for continued services beyond original design life.


At ABS, we have extensive experience with floating production installations, with the largest fleet of classed units in the world. We are pioneers on life extension processes for FPSOs, TLPs and Spars, and issued the first guidance notes in the industry addressing life extension. ABS is a trusted advisor to assist our clients on offshore life extension, offering comprehensive solutions that allow units to operate safely for continued service.

Class Leader in Life Extension Projects

ABS has more than 70 years in the offshore industry. With the largest fleet of floating production installations under ABS class, we have been part of the life extension of many of these units, more than any other provider in the industry.

Our leadership and experience allows ABS to evaluate floating production assets for continued service with a primary focus on the safety of personnel, the asset and the environment.

  • First to develop Guidance Notes on Life Extension Methodology for Floating Production Installations
  • First TLP life extension granted in 2017 – Joliet TLP
  • First spar life extension granted in 2017 – Neptune spar
  • Ongoing participation in industry standards committees for life extension
  • Strong relationships with coastal states, local regulatory agencies and flag administrations to align life extension process with statutory requirements

Comprehensive and Flexible Solution for Life Extension

The ABS Life Extension process is a staged approach to evaluate if a floating production installation is suited for continuing service while facilitating regulatory and statutory acceptance. These activities can be executed at a pace that suits the client’s needs. 

Webinar: Driving Safety and Reducing Risk – FPU Life Extension

An effective life extension process allows the continued services of a floating production unit in a way that maintains safety, mitigates risks and minimizes productivity loss. Learn how to reduce risk while continuing safe operations while extending the life of a floating production unit. 

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