EEDI Phase 3 Compliance

2019 Regulatory Debrief for Bulkers and Tankers

The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is a regulatory measure for ships, mandating a minimum required level of efficiency and a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In 2011, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) developed EEDI as a goal-based technical standard and introduced an energy efficiency benchmark for vessel designs of different ship types and size segments.

While compliance with the strengthened EEDI requirements has been achieved by a large number of ships in different class categories, concerns have been raised regarding the challenges for certain ship types - in particular those built using conventional technology and fuel - to meet the upcoming Phase 2 and Phase 3 compliance levels.

This white paper provides insights into the compliance landscape of bulk carriers and tankers within the context of EEDI regulations, given that these vessels comprise a significant proportion of the world fleet. The white paper also discusses the contribution of potential technical measures for large capacity ships and examines different paths to achieve regulatory compliance.

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