Offshore Sustainability

Welcome to the ABS Offshore Sustainability Online Resource Center

Here you will find innovative approaches and thought leadership on topics for safe and sustainable operations in the offshore industry. 

Our technical leaders address topics on sustainability that impact stakeholders across our industry, including:

Operational Strategies operational strategies
Approaches to enhance operational performance and drive efficiencies
Environmental Sustainability Environmental Sustainability
Steps to reduce environmental impact and address regulatory compliance
Digital Solutions digital solutions
Strategies that optimize structural and machine integrity management.

Browse our technical presentations, view industry articles, download educational webinars, and read the latest news on offshore sustainability.

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Video Playlist

Matt Tremblay

Wind Farms from a Class Perspective

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Josh McMinn

Aligning Maintenance and Compliance Activities with Remote Survey - MCEDD 2021

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Gareth Burton

Mitigation of Infectious Disease Outbreaks for Offshore Industry - MCEDD 2021

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Luiz Feijo

Life Extension of Floating Offshore Assets: Applying Digital Technologies for Predictive Analysis of Remaining Life - MCEDD 2021

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The Development of a Machine Learning-based Image Recognition Tool for Coating Inspections - OTC 2020

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Improving Mooring Reliability Through Risk Based Monitoring and Inspection -OTC 2020

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Development of Requirements for Safer Operations of FLNG Units -OTC 2020

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Unmanned and Minimally Manned Floating Deepwater Installations: Design and Safety Considerations -OTC 2020

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Qinghe Zhang

First Class Certification on HMPE Fiber Ropes for Permanent Floating Wind Turbine Mooring System - OTC 2020

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White Papers

White Paper: Reduced Manning for Offshore Facilities                                                                                  

White Paper: Brazil Brief                  Practical Considerations for Regulatory Compliance in Brazi                          

White Paper: Floating Production Installations in the Digital Age                      

Articles and News 

Article: National Association of Clean Energy

Article: Carbon Capture for the Offshore Industry

Article: Cutting the Corner on Machine Learning

Article: Using unstructured data to reduce downtime - Digital Energy Journal

Article: FPSO Conversions - Drydock magazine

Walk To Work Technologies to Support Offshore Wind

Intelligent                                        Inspection

Interview: Offshore Wind, The Future is Now

Improving Mooring Reliability Through Risk-based Monitoring and Inspection

AI For Coating Condition Assessments for Offshore Structures                                       

Driving Development – OSVs and Windfarms

HPHT Technology Adoption                           

Case Studies

Case Study: First Disease Mitigation Notation - Southern Star

Case Study: Seacor Maya First OSV in GOM to use Hybrid Power

Case Study: Smart Technology to Drive More Sustainable Fleets

Case Study: Applying 3D Models for Class Approval

Case Study: Harvey Gulf Tri-fuel Vessel Shapes Future of Sustainability

Case Study: Harvey Gulf Remote Survey Driving Efficient Operations


FPSOs: Digital Strategies for Improved Asset Management

Offshore Remote Surveys                              

Webinar: Offshore Remote Surveys

Smart Functionality for Operational Performance                    

Webinar: Smart Functionality

Managing Offshore Risk with IHM Compliance

Webinar: Managing Offshore Risk with IHM Compliance

Why Class is Important for Floating Offshore Windfarms

Innovation to Support the Growing Offshore Wind Market

Webinar: Innovation to Support the Growing Offshore Wind Market

Hybrid Power Systems in the Offshore Industry

Webinar: Hybrid Power Systems in the Offshore Industry

AI-Driven Predictive Analytics                      

Webinar: AI-Driven Predictive Analytics