Approved Service Provider Certification

Certification for Approved Service Providers

This voluntary certification is for qualified service providers who offer specialized services that support manufacturing activities, asset monitoring and enhance existing marine and offshore safety practices.


  • Service providers must actively maintain a quality management system and have a valid ISO 9001 Certification or equivalent.
  • Service types eligible for this program are outside the scope covered by IACS UR Z17 and existing ABS Rules and Guides. Normally these services are regulated by a manufacturer’s specifications or instructions, national and/or international standards. The service results do not have a direct impact on survey decisions.
  • Examples of eligible service specializations include but are not limited to in-shop inspection, machining, installation, maintenance, welding, testing, laser peening, refurbishing and in-process manufacturing activities.


  • Demonstration of conformity to recognized industry standards and applicable ABS Rules
  • Advantage in market competition by proving your quality management processes
  • Boost reputation among equipment manufacturers, shipyards and vessel operators seeking the service capability
  • Certificates are listed in the ABS Approved Service Provider database, searchable by worldwide clients

To apply for Approved Service Provider Certification, please apply using our online form, or for questions, contact Corporate ABS Programs at

STEP 01 Complete the Approved Service Provider application and submit a signed copy to the nearest port office. 
STEP 02 Documentation review
STEP 03 Facility audit
STEP 04 Practical demonstration
STEP 05 Satisfactory reporting
STEP 06 Issuance of certificate, valid for 5 years, subject to annual audits

If your firm performs Non-Destructive Examination activities in support of surveys on ABS classed vessels, please apply for ABS External Specialist Certification

ABS maintains an Approved Material Manufacturers database which contains approvals. If your firm is a steel mill, heat treatment facility, welding consumable manufacturer, aluminum mill, casting facility, forges and foundry, or some process approval specific to material fabrication, these are also outside the scope of the above Certification. Instead please apply for an ABS Materials Manufacturer Certification.

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