Enhanced Survey Program (ESP) Documents

The Enhanced Survey Program (ESP) is an IACS requirement for which ABS has a class notation. ABS-classed vessels with an ESP class notation may access ESP planning documents in the portal for applicable hull surveys. This page is designed to help you find these documents after logging into the Client Portal.

These instructions apply only to clients with ABS-classed vessels that have an ESP class notation.

Finding ESP Documents

From the Fleet Overview Page, select a Vessel and click “Surveys” from the left menu. The screen will default to “Scheduled” Surveys.

For vessels enrolled in the Enhanced Survey Program, a blank Survey Planning Questionnaire and Survey Program Document are available for Hull Surveys. They are accessible via the “ESP/ESDC” Button and can be downloaded as a .ZIP file.

The ESP Survey Planning Questionnaire and Survey Program Document will be available in your “Downloads” folder. To open, select the desired file and open by right-clicking on the file name and selecting the appropriate reader program, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Submitting ESP Documents

The Survey Planning Questionnaire, Survey Program Document and Survey Plan Document are pre-populated with vessel and survey information. You may populate any of the editable fields.

The completed ESP Documents can be submitted to ABS when requesting the associated hull survey via the Client Portal. The completed document can be uploaded as an attachment on the Place Order Page. The ESP documents will then be available in the ABS Work Order for the attending Surveyor. 

Viewing Updated ESP Documents

If the ESP/ESDC documents were updated during an attendance, they will be accessible from the Documents page for the vessel.