Digital Innovation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The pace of technological change is propelling us into the heart of the fourth industrial revolution.  The fusion of technologies in the cyber world are blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres – connecting people, systems and data.

Digitization and connectivity are transforming our marine and offshore industries through sensors, as well as data and autonomous systems, improving both performance and compliance. The new norm is data-intensive and requires us to continuously adapt to technological change.

At ABS, we are innovating with data and digital capabilities to safely and effectively bring these technologies to the maritime industry.   

ABS Addresses Data Quality in the Marine and Offshore Industries

The ABS Advisory on Data Quality for Marine and Offshore Application - Time Series Data together with the ABS Advisory on Data Quality for Marine and Offshore Application - Transactional Data, provide a comprehensive framework and guidance on data quality assessment, monitoring and control in marine and offshore applications.


ABS Addresses the Application of Sensors to Achieve Structural Health Monitoring

The ABS Advisory on Structural Health Monitoring: The Application of Sensor-Based Approaches focuses on the collection of data using sensors for the purpose of structural health monitoring. Specifically, it addresses the monitoring of structural loads and/or responses using sensors to infer current structural health status and predict future health states.