Hybrid Power

Hybrid Power

ABS Advisory on Hybrid Electric Power Systems

An overview on hybrid electric power systems, including the current status of the component technologies and the advantages and challenges of each.


Innovating with Hybrid Power

As technology evolves and regulatory complexities increase, the marine industry is faced with the reality of both complying with environmental requirements and meeting operational demands. To deal with these challenges, owners and operators are turning to more non-conventional sources of energy to power and propel vessels. As the industry moves ahead, hybrid electric power systems will play a key role in meeting the regulatory and operational demands placed on vessels.

To help guide the industry in the development of new concepts, ABS has introduced the ABS Advisory on Hybrid Electric Power Systems which takes a measured approach to evaluating the potential advantages and disadvantages, challenges and level of readiness for the primary hybrid electric power systems and components that are most suited for marine and offshore applications. The comprehensive list of technologies addressed in the Advisory includes lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, flywheel energy storage, fuel cells, wind and solar. ABS has also introduced its Guide for use of Lithium Batteries in the Marine and Offshore Industries (Battery Guide) providing class requirements and reference standards to facilitate effective installation and operation of lithium battery systems.