Industry-leading Guidance for Drones

Comprehensive guidance provides best practices for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.


Improving Survey Efficiency with Drones

A drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), is an aircraft that is remotely controlled or flies autonomously based on a pre-defined flight route and/or dynamic automation systems. Remote inspection techniques are an additional inspection alternative, which reduce safety risks to the Surveyor. Using UAVs allows the attending Surveyor to evaluate the condition of a structure from a stationary location.

These technologies can deliver significant improvements in survey efficacy while being less intrusive to the asset, decreasing asset operational down time and operational expense, as well as improving safety.

Companies that offer UAV services can be certified through the ABS Recognized Service Supplier Program. The recognition allows UAV operators to perform general visual inspection or close-up surveys on vessels and/or MODUs/MOUs.