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Hurricanes Agitate a Decade of Tranquil Waters

Offshore units are often exposed to severe weather events such as hurricanes and loop currents. ABS, based on experience with classing and certifying a large number of these units, has verified that some of the events may cause failures that compromise the structural integrity of the units.



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An Era of Transition

Naval and maritime service leaders in the U.S. and around the world are asking tough questions and breaking out of the status quo.  New platforms are being delivered and more appear to be on the way. And, equally critical maintenance availability improvements and service life projects on existing vessels are happening. 


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Malware Does Not Have to Affect Ships or Facilities

Recently the world saw the sudden spread of a new ransomware variant, called by some ‘Petya’ and by others ‘NotPetya’.  It affected maritime owners and operators, forcing them to shutter operations to control the corruption in their systems.


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HP/HT Technology & Industry Progress

In pursuit of untapped natural resources, the offshore industry ventures into increasingly remote and difficult to drill environments.


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Translating the Polar Code

Travelling along a rugged, frozen coast north of the Arctic Circle this April, you might have come across a team of researchers attempting to answer a key question: How long can a person survive in the Arctic in a lifeboat or life raft?