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MEPC 71 Webinar

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MEPC 71 Webinar:

MEPC 71 – Outcomes and Industry Impact

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In this one-hour webinar, Thomas Kirk, ABS Director of Environmental Performance, will provide insight on the outcomes and implications from the recently held 71st IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting.

Kirk participated at MEPC 71, serving in an advisory role for the US delegation. He will provide an overview of the outcomes from MEPC 71 and will outline key implications for shipowners and operators.

Topics will include an update on the new timeline and requirements for compliance with the D-2 biological standard under the Ballast Water Management Convention, the establishment of new Emission Control Areas (ECAs), guidelines for verification of fuel oil data and other air emission-related topics.

Since MEPC 71, owners and operators are exploring their options and trying to understand the best path toward compliance with the adjusted timelines for having an approved ballast water management system on board their vessels. With its broad background in the available ballast water management technologies and experience in the marine sector, ABS is well-prepared to provide guidance that owners may use to assist them in making smarter fleet decisions.





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