Webinar: BWM Systems Type Approval


On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 30 minutes

Meeting Revised Regulations 

In this 30-minute webinar, Demetri Stroubakis, ABS Director of Global Equipment and Materials, and Bill Burroughs, Principal Engineer, ABS Advisory Services, will provide an overview of how ABS is assisting clients in expediting their Ballast Water Management Systems Type Approval to comply with the revised BWMS code.  ABS is offering a single point of contact for all BWM systems type approvals and compliance processes, including contracting, planning, testing and execution, quality assurance and quality control to deliver required type approvals.

The revised BWMS code, which takes effect on October 13, 2019, requires all ballast water management (BWM) systems installed onboard after October 28, 2020 to be approved in accordance with the new code (equivalent to the 2016 G8 Guidelines).

ABS and Control Union Certifications B.V. (CUC) have teamed up to offer manufacturers a comprehensive path to global BWM systems compliance


Demetri Stroubakis
Director, Global Equipment and Materials 

Demetri Stroubakis, is ABS Director of Equipment and Materials. With extensive experience in naval and commercial ship new construction projects, Stroubakis is a subject matter expert in equipment and material certification activities.

Headshot: Bill Burroughs

Bill Burroughs
Principal Engineer, ABS Advisory Service

William Burroughs is a Senior Principal Engineer at ABS responsible for promoting environmental related services and providing guidance in support of international, national and regional marine environmental regulations.