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LNG: An Open Exchange of Views

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December 2, 2019, 8:00AM - 5:30PM
The St. Regis Hotel Singapore, 29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911

Join us for an interactive conversation among industry experts and the audience about the evolving LNG industry. This unique format will provide a platform to openly debate the future of LNG supply, demand, trade and transportation.


Event Agenda

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8:00AM - Registration/ Continental Breakfast

8:45AM - Opening Remarks and Welcome

9:00AM - Session 1: LNG Supply — "Back to the Future?"

The day begins with a look at the current LNG market with a focus on LNG supply in the near term and future. Panelists will discuss how (or if) LNG supply will balance with demand as well as the evolution of commercial agreements, including SPAs and LTAs. They will also consider the challenges posed by a more dynamic and flexible LNG/gas market, including seasonality of demand, optionality, cargo diversions, gas-to-power. The group will explore how financing for LNG projects may evolve, changes in EPC costs, where FLNG technology plays a role, and which LNG projects might be expected to take FID by the end of 2020.

10:30AM - Coffee Break

11:00AM - Session 2: LNG Demand — "To Infinity and Beyond?"

In this session, the theme will be the outlook for LNG demand especially within the emerging markets of China, India and Southeast Asia. Panelists will discuss the unique challenges for the use of LNG in emerging markets and debate whether there is a sustainable global LNG price and what that would look like. The group also will explore how much LNG demand could be created through non-traditional uses such as mid and small-scale LNG developments, LNG bunkering and transportation fuels. The further expansion of the FSRU market, the issues raised by trade disputes, and the challenges of renewable energy to fossil fuels will also be considered.

12:30PM - Networking Lunch

2:00PM - Session 3: Trading & Transportation — "Risky Business?"

The final session covers LNG transportation and trading. Panelists will discuss the challenges in creating a liquid LNG spot market, where that might emerge and how it might be priced. In this context, will this market play a role in creating price indices for long-term SPAs? The group will also debate the potential and challenges for continued growth in U.S. LNG exports. LNG shipping will also be a key topic, including the evolution of charter terms (rates and duration), the potential for the shipping market to balance or become overbuilt, the implications for operating standards within the shipping industry, the threat or opportunity presented by IMO 2050 and the future of LNG as a marine fuel. Rounding out the discussion, this session will address the future for steam vessels, future technology risks for the current fleet, new shipbuilding prices and the availability of financing for shipowners.  

4:00PM - Closing Remarks followed by Cocktail Reception

5:30PM - End of Program

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Meet the Panel of Industry Experts

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