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Surveyor 2017


Surveyor Magazine 2017 Volume 1


  • The U.S. Coast Guard’s new Subchapter M Rule promises to enhance the safety of assets and operations on America’s inland waterways.
  • A new joint industry project seeks to develop standards that will reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies for offshore oil and gas projects.
  • The word seems to be everywhere and applied to everything, but what does it actually mean for the maritime industry?
  • The American Petroleum Institute is developing standards to help oil and gas companies tackle the challenge of producing from high-pressure, high-temperature reservoirs.
  • The Liberty Ships of World War II helped win a war and revolutionize an industry.
  • ABS CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki on the surprising connection between Liberty Ships and the ships of the future.

Surveyor 2016


Surveyor Magazine 2016 Volume 1

The Cyber Issue

  • Girding for battle against the maritime industry’s cyber threats.
  • Learning how big data analytics helped bring a revolution to vessel maintenance.
  • Exploring futuristic advances in computer control and remote operation of vessels.
  • Discovering how connectivity is the key to a new world of service technologies.
  • Facing the challenge of change; with ships increasingly dependent on computers, operators are facing the new challenge of managing software change onboard.
  • Addressing the Cyber Safety Issue from the U.S. Coast Guard perspective.
  • Getting an inside look on how the Human Factors Maritime industry grapples with the human side of cybersecurity.

Surveyor 2015

Surveyor - Quarterly Magazine from ABS Winter Edition

Special OTC Edition 2015 Surveyor Contents

  • Software security and integrity are becoming even more critical to asset integrity.
  • Innovative drillship designs are taking on harsh-environment conditions and improving drilling and fuel efficiency.
  • Advancing technology promises to bring once-impossible reservoirs within reach.
  • Significant reserves estimates make the region attractive, and the recent resurgence of interest has pushed harsh-environment operations to the forefront.

Surveyor - Quarterly Magazine from ABS Winter Edition

Winter 2015 Surveyor Contents

  • How researchers help industry tackle the challenges of doing business safely and responsibly in the far north.
  • A research program develops new knowledge about, and new technologies to deal with, collision between ice and steel structures.
  • An online library of Arctic maritime research serves as a catalyst for cooperation on shipping in the High North.
  • The Fram Museum augments its historical mission with advocacy for the Polar regions.
  • A giant ship made of ice.
  • Viewpoint: Captain John W. Mauger, Chief, Offi ce of Design and Engineering Standards, US Coast Guard and the US Head of Delegation to IMO for the Polar Code

Surveyor 2014

Surveyor a Quarterly Magazine by ABS Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Surveyor Contents

  • How the ‘people piece’ holds the sustainability puzzle together.
  • Better operations through programs that build bridge teamwork.
  • Minimizing the impact of monitoring technology on the human element onboard.
  • Two bold moves lead one operator to fulfi ll the promise in its name.
  • Years of effort begin to pay off as a leading shipyard group starts living its blueprint for tomorrow.
  • One engineering firm made its mark helping subsea infrastructure come to be.
  • Surprising ways the human element intrudes on ocean-floor oil and gas development.
  • Technology may be forever changing, but mentoring remains the cornerstone of professional development for the engineer.
  • Viewpoint: Hassan Basma, CEO of Bumi Armada

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Surveyor Contents

  • High-efficiency propellers help owners reap better benefits from slow steaming.
  • A ship’s propeller is has much in common with an airplane wing, but its design challenge is much more daunting
  • Some energy-saving devices work so well because they look so strange
  • Launched 170 years ago, the SS Great Britain was a controversial innovation showcase, and the first propeller-driven ship to cross an ocean
  • How one company’s solutions for offshore and marine projects help move the gas revolution around the world
  • A famed ship repairer grasps a new destiny via the offshore energy sector
  • Viewpoint: Richard Du Moulin, President of Intrepid Shipping, Chairman of the Seamen’s Church Institute, and board member of Tidewater, Inc. and Teekay Tankers

Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Surveyor Contents

  • A venerable design house still brings innovative solutions to the evolving world of offshore energy
  • Innovation in well services helps make subsea solutions more accessible
  • Drydocks World rebounds from a fiscal precipice to find new paths forward
  • A well-known carrier rebrands and evolves, but also remains much the same
  • A pioneering Arabian Gulf fabricator recovers from rough times to build a new future
  • The evolving well services sector opens a world of opportunity for one owner’s innovative jackup barges
  • OSV operator evolves with the region it serves
  • Viewpoint: Joe Rovig, President, Rig Systems & Aftermarket, National Oilwell Varco 

Surveyor 2013


Fall/Winter 2013 Contents

  • Jackup meets jacket in a new ‘do-all’ rig design
  • A pilot program explores a radical evolution in the survey cycle for drilling rigs
  • A shipyard fi nds new life and prominence by transforming from ship repairer to offshore builder
  • IHI’s cargo system may help the LNG world take its next evolutionary step
  • Offshore Fukushima, Japan investigates replacing atomic energy with wind power
  • Viewpoint: Brian Chang, Chairman, Calm Ocean Pte Ltd. 


Summer 2013 Surveyor Contents

  • A major building program helps one naval architecture firm celebrate seven decades of bringing new ideas to life
  • Collision risk studies are growing in importance to planning offshore energy projects
  • How one company’s floating accommodations units have evolved to meet the special needs of offshore oil and gas activities
  • Two views on Norway’s ‘OSV town’, from its pioneering shipowner and its latest resident shipbuilder
  • Sinopacific reaches out to Norway’s maritime cluste
  • The Vikings’ magical aid to navigation has stepped out of legend to take its place among the tools that helped change the course of history
  • One shipowner is making a mark with an innovative approach to ship management services for specialist vessels
  • Since the dawn of shipbuilding, the art of survey has been passed on through the art of mentoring
  • Viewpoint: Olav Eikrem, Technical Director, Frontline Management AS 


Spring 2013 Surveyor Contents

  • From commodity pricing to international relations, effects of America’s shale gas boom are echoing around the world
  • A bold order from US-flag shipowner TOTE may mark the long-awaited breakthrough of natural gas as a main engine fuel for the global merchant fleet
  • Waller Marine’s bold vision for a coastal network of LNG production, storage and transport may help natural gas become the marine fuel of the future world fleet
  • Selah Shipyard seeks to make its small-vessel experience the basis of a new niche business: supplying offshore service vessels to demanding European owners
  • An old dream approaches reality as the mining sector contemplates retrieving minerals from the deep ocean floor
  • Viewpoint: Katharina Stanzel, Managing Director of Intertanko, on challenges facing the tankship sector 

Surveyor 2012


Winter 2012/2013 Surveyor Contents

  • The Singapore Maritime Foundation aims to help shape the maritime hub of Asia
  • How Singapore turned weakness into strength to become a world leader in water technologies
  • Rony Sudjaka puts a half century of experience into creating innovative, high-quality offshore support vessels
  • The Singapore Offshore Technology Center helps new ideas develop into new knowledge and become new technologies
  • Ignazio Messina & Company makes the most of the versatile ro-ro
  • Francesco Bellusci, Managing Director, Scorpio Ship Management 


Fall 2012 Surveyor Contents

  • Will the WindFloat open the door to viable deepwater wind energy?
  • Antonio Vidigal, CEO of the Innovation division of Energías de Portugal (EDP), shares thoughts on alternative energy and offshore wind
  • Harvey Gulf International Marine orders the fi rst natural gas-powered offshore service vessels for operation in US waters
  • Motive, means and opportunity may fi nally be coming together for the maritime industry’s natural gas revolution
  • ABS@150: the enduring legacy of the finite element revolution
  • Through Hamburg’s maritime museum, a prominent maritime journalist shares his lifelong love of ships, shipping, seafaring and history
  • Captain Richard von Berlepsch, Senior Director, Hapag-Lloyd 


Summer 2012 Surveyor Contents

  • Prominent shipping man Spyros M. Polemis shares thoughts and observations on the trials, triumphs and future of the industry he has served for half a century
  • One company provides an insight into the uncertainties confronting the industry, while another shares its methodology for going forward
  • From the shipowner’s perspective, this article addresses critical points to consider during the installation of a ballast water treatment system
  • The Coast Guard explains its new rule for vessels intending to discharge ballast into US waters
  • Is a radical new alternative to shipboard ballast water treatment a humanitarian solution to a big problem, or simply a nice dream?
  • ABS introduces two new specialist services designed around the evolving Greek-controlled fleet
  • In the decades following the Second World War, ABS transformed into a global organization and world leader in marine classifi cation and maritime safety.
  • Paul J. Ioannidis, Director, Vice President Emeritus, Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, discusses the human element 


Spring 2012 Surveyor Contents

  • Examining Deepwater Progress
  • Joint R&D Efforts Expedite Technology Advances
  • Deepwater Moorings Prepare to Go Deeper
  • A History of Advancing Offshore Oil & Gas Technologies
  • The Golden Age of Gas 


Winter 2012 Surveyor Contents

  • Ballast water treatment systems help industry face the long standing problem of shipborne bio-invasion
  • The New Inspection Regime is the latest advance in the Paris MOU’s 30-year fight to eliminate substandard shipping
  • The CEO of famed repair yard Lisnave shares some thoughts with Surveyor on the future of ship repair
  • Lisbon’s NavalRocha shipyard is a living piece of Portugal’s industrial history
  • For 20 years, the IPTM has kept close watch on the safety and quality of vessels flying the Portuguese flag
  • Through collective efforts, classification societies help IMO develop international regulations
  • Viewpoint: Richard Schiferli, Paris MOU Secretary General, Reflections on 30 Years of Port State Control 

Surveyor 2011


Fall 2011 Surveyor Contents

  • The latest evolution of MARPOL Annex VI requires that companies record, analyze and improve the way they and their ships use energy
  • Machinery helps ships meet strict sulfur regulations
  • The AirMax hopes to boost ship efficiency by replacing part of its hull surface with air
  • Anti-foulings move forward as tin fades into history
  • Snapshots from 3,000 years of fighting fouling
  • Nautical archaeology, engineering and computer science combine to rebuild a ship type not seen in centuries
  • Viewpoint: Ulf G. Ryder, CEO of Stena Bulk, on innovation and people  


Spring 2011 Surveyor Contents

  • What is CDS and Can it Promote Drilling Rig Safety?
  • BOEMRE's Drilling Safety Rule
  • Classification of Drilling Systems: The ABS Guide
  • Encouraging a Culture of Safety Offshore
  • Guidelines for Improving Offshore Process Safety
  • Essential Safety Culture Features
  • Maintaining Safety by Managing Change
  • Developing an Oil Response System in the Caspian
  • Helix and CGA Develop a Spill Response System
  • Riserless Recovery of Top-hole Mud Addresses Key Environmental Issues
  • Floating LNG Systems Require Sophisticated Technical Analysis
  • Innovation Snapshot: LNG Blanket
  • Viewpoint: Regulating the Shipping Industry as a Result of an Offshore Accident
  • Deepwater Well Capper Unit at the Heart of Future Spill Response 

Surveyor 2010


Winter 2010/2011 Surveyor Contents

  • The key role that the shipbuilding and offshore sectors have in China's industrial revolution
  • China's national shipbuilding association guides its industry along a scientific path forward
  • SWS: A top shipyard's view on how to become a leader
  • Hudong-Zhonghua: China’s only LNG carrier builder symbolizes a new era of specialization
  • NACKS: For China’s first joint-venture shipyard, quality is the key to success
  • Rosheng: This successful private yard symbolizes the evolution of Chinese shipbuilding
  • DSIC: In Dalian, China’s first offshore shipyard prepares for an energy-based building boom
  • Yantai CIMC Raffels: How one builder made amazing success from a seemingly impossible dream
  • COSL’s Decade: Reliability is the key operational factor for China’s top offshore driller
  • ABS’ new Greater China Division is the latest step up in a long, evolving relationship 


Fall 2010 Surveyor Contents

  • Efthimios Mitropoulos reflects on a long professional journey that began on a ship’s deck
  • The ship simulator is emerging as one of the future’s key training tools
  • A veteran educator assesses how well industry prepares its seagoing staff
  • How one flag State works to attract competent youngsters to a sea career
  • How the current job market offers seafarers good prospects for a second career ashore
  • Views on the serious problem of the administrative burden on board
  • The ISM Code may end up being the seafarer’s best friend in combating fatigue
  • How designing for habitability enhances vessel safety 


Summer 2010 Surveyor Contents

  • The European Maritime Safety Agency's view of the industry's interlocked responsibilities
  • Thoughts on how romance remains a vital force in Greek shipping
  • Arcadia - how one traditional owner adapts to modern crewing needs
  • Reducing emissions emerges as the maritime industry's next big technical challenge
  • One technical director's take on maintenance
  • The Spanopoulos Brothers and their expanding activities
  • One shipowner's passion brings luxury yacht-building to Greece
  • ABS Piraeus is an office in evolution 


Spring 2010 Surveyor Contents

  • Step-by-step innovation advances the dream of subsea processing
  • Project Mohole and the start of dynamic positioning
  • One thruster manufacturer's quest for constant improvement
  • New jacking criteria for a new era
  • How the Bahamas Maritime Authority addresses offshore vessels
  • The US wind power sector prepares to take its technology offshore
  • Technical challenges of plugging into the potential of offshore wind energy
  • Hard-won know-how migrates from offshore energy to offshore wind