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Security of life starts with improving the safety and well-being of personnel through an understanding of their capabilities and limitations. This understanding is then incorporated into design practices and principles.

Since creating our Safety and Human Factors group, ABS has been active in developing maritime industry safety, human factors and ergonomics guidance documents. The ABS approach captures important elements that affect safety and efficiency in job performance, vessel or offshore installation design and layout considerations, workplace environmental elements, management and organizational issues related to operations, and the personnel who operate the offshore asset. 

ABS’ research and development activities in safety and human factors strive to address many industry concerns.

  • Appropriate vessel or offshore installation design will help allow personnel to safely and successfully access equipment to complete assigned tasks.
  • Do existing designs comply with any regional influences or expectations?
  • Do existing designs violate worker’s expectations and possibly increase individual tendencies for risk taking and risk tolerance? 

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Mariner Personal Safety

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Workplace Design

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Management & Organization

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For more information about the ABS Safety and Human Factors Group, please contact Kevin McSweeney.