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Maritime Nautical Systems Fleet Management Software for Ships

Meeting Challenges in the Marine Industry for More Than 30 Years

The NS Fleet Management Solution is made up of software modules designed to deliver unparalleled operational and compliance support to improve efficiency, ensure safety and drive performance.


Facilitates lifecycle maintenance and survey planning for improved cost control, resource management and equipment reliability.

Enables unified management of procurement and inventory control activities to deliver an efficient, cost effective and compliant procurement process.

Supports faster drydocking with management tools for planning, bidding, executing, analyzing and negotiating.

Documents asset conditions to drive more efficient planning and management of structural maintenance and the drydock process. 3D capability enables users to map gaugings and structural conditions in a 3D virtual environment.

Provides visibility into critical performance areas, including environmental compliance, vessel performance and voyage tracking.

Supports the vetting process from pre-inspection through acceptance, providing a comprehensive knowledge base with a complete history of all past vetting inspections.

Supports a comprehensive workforce management process to easily and efficiently deliver the right crew, for the right task, at the right time, to reduce costs and drive compliance.

Drives a safety culture with a process centered on safety, risk mitigation and management of change that ensures compliance and reduces port state detentions.

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