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Hull Manager


Enabling Comprehensive Asset Management

Too often, hull maintenance is managed in a reactionary way and is considered secondary to the planned maintenance of equipment on board a vessel, leading to unexpected costs at drydock. NS Hull Manager fully integrates structural integrity management into the maintenance, purchasing and repair planning or drydock process, assisting with comprehensive maintenance strategies and efficient drydock and repair campaign planning.

Leveraging a ship-specific model, NS Hull Manager delivers the industry’s most comprehensive predictive and preventative asset lifecycle management tool.    

NS Hull Manager and Hull Manager 3D Capabilities

  • Intuitive dashboards provide simple and efficient access to the structural condition of each compartment on the vessel through graphical representations that are easy to understand. 
  • The inspection scheduler gives both office and crew full visibility of all hull inspections – planned, ongoing or completed.
  • NS Hull Manager supports a more efficient and accurate process to manage repair of structural anomalies.
  • NS Hull Manager integrates with NS Maintenance, Purchasing and Drydock Managers to deliver comprehensive asset lifecycle management tool.

3D Visualization with Hull Manager 3D

The powerful addition of NS Hull Manager 3D to Hull Manager enables users to map thickness measurements and anomalous conditions in a 3D virtual environment.

  • Visualization of substantially corroded areas simplifies the assessment process and assists with a more automated creation of repair plans.
  • The 3D module allows operators to quickly visualize the current condition and predict condition at any future time for development of optimal repair strategies.
  • HM and HM3D support critical strategic decisions regarding asset life extension, disposition and repair, sell or scrap strategies.              
  • Extraction of as-gauged model information can be used to rapidly reassess corroded areas to optimize repair solutions and rapidly develop repair specifications.  
  • Repair options can be assessed and optimized vs. Class rule criteria via the HM3D linkage to the Altair HyperworksTM Finite Element Analysis suite.
  • Supports compliance with Class surveys, TMSA and ISM.

NS Cloud

Reliable. Easy to Deploy. Cost Effective.

The power of NS can now be harnessed in a cloud environment making is easier and more cost effective for our customers to implement, deploy and manage the Nautical Systems Fleet Management Software.  
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