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HSQE Manager


Building a Safety Culture

Safety or environmental incidents can produce catastrophic results.The liability ship owners face for safety and environmental incidents combined with the need to demonstrate compliance with increasing regulations, requires a comprehensive compliance management process. Owners and operators need a simple and effective way to manage this process, demonstrate compliance and improve decision support.  

NS HSQE Manager seamlessly integrates with NS Purchasing, Maintenance, Drydock, Crewing and Vetting Manager to drive a safety culture with a process centered on safety, risk mitigation and management of change that ensures compliance and reduces port state detentions.  

NS HSQE Manager Capabilities

  • Intuitive dashboards provide simple and efficient access to all the information needed to view and manage the entire safety and compliance program.
  • The quality time plan displays all compliance activities performed by both crew and external auditors.
  • Users have access to built-in and custom reports to easily manage internal, industry-standard and regulatory KPIs required to demonstrate compliance.
  • Tools to enable Job Safety Analysis allow crew to conduct risk assessments for maintenance tasks, helping plan of these tasks in the safest way possible. 
  • Behaivor based safety reporting encourages compliance and vigilance.
  • Seamless integration with NS Drydock, Maintenance, Purchasing and Crew Managers enables implementation of a comprehensive quality and safety program. 
  • Supports compliance with ISM, STCW, TMSA and Quality systems [ISO 9001, 14000, etc.]

NS Cloud

Reliable. Easy to Deploy. Cost Effective.

The power of NS can now be harnessed in a cloud environment making is easier and more cost effective for our customers to implement, deploy and manage the Nautical Systems Fleet Management Software.  
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